Adwords Ireland – Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

google-adwords-irelandAdWords Ireland – Pay per click advertising

To advertise your website in the ‘PayPer Click – AdWords’ section of Google, you bid an amount for specific keywords (search terms that users will use to find your business) that you’re willing to pay per click (each time someone clicks on your advert, to go to your website). Generally, the more you bid, the better your advert position in the search engine results for the keywords you’ve chosen.

A successful Adwords campaign can offer fantastic ROI. But for a campaign to be successful needs finite managing, split-testing every campaign to find the best working advert. 
It can be very costly if you get it wrong and very profitable if you get it right.

Changing Markets

The markets are always changing and close attention needs to be paid to this factor. Like any auction house, bidding wars can develop and needs to be kept in check. I have personally had a lot of success with AdWords but on the same hand, had a lot of failure in the early days. It took a lot of trial and error to get it right, time after time. The beauty of AdWords is that you can design and implement a fully operational pay per click advertising campaign within minutes. You can literally get a campaign under way at 12 noon and have customers, leads, callers etc. within the hour. It can be a full scale worldwide global campaign right down to your adverts, just appearing in your local area (Geo-Targeting).

This is one area of marketing where experience is everything, it requires a specialist level of expertise. The costs for managing a campaign is often more than covered by the money saved and the extra earned in using a professional PPC marketer.

At Local SEO Ireland, we can prepare and implement everything that’s required for a successful AdWords campaign. We have worked with Google AdWords campaigns since it’s inception over a decade ago. We will prepare an analysis report, based on a completed detailed questionaire about your company and its objectives. It all starts with a first contact, go to our Getting Started page to take the next step.

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