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Many things have evolved within the world of SEO over time but links (backlinks) remain the single most important off site factor when determining whether or not your website ranks ahead of your competitors.

What has changed (for the better!) is that these days it is not the volume of links that determine a website’s ranking but the quality and relevance of those links that have an impact where it deserves to be positioned in the rankings.

Gone are the days when we could easily “cheat” the algorithm by submitting a ton of junk press releases and articles to directories that no-one ever read for the purposes of improving our site’s rankings.

Nowadays Big G is a lot cleverer at spotting people trying to game the system and have been fairly successful at punishing anyone deemed to be doing so. For this reason, (not to mention basic ethics!) the methods by which we now need to EARN links has changed completely.

So how do we go about earning these high authority links?

Each link building project is completely unique and often requires a very different approach but below is a list of some of the most common link building techniques employed by the team here at Local SEO Ireland:

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the process of developing quality unique content that is relevant to your business and reaching out to blog owners to see whether they are interested in posting that content on their blog. Most blog owners then provide a link back to the author’s website in the author bio box at the end of their post. This method of link building has been around for a while and is still a useful scalable strategy.

Link Bait

Link bait is a fairly loose term used to describe anything that is developed or created with the main aim of attracting links from other (ideally relevant) websites and blogs. This can cover almost anything from a funny topical video, an infographic, developing a new tool or widget that helps other people in your industry, writing a largely controversial piece about a topic related to your industry or even a simple giveaway competition.

Broken Link Building

This, in a nutshell, is the process of finding (preferably authoritative) links to other websites or more specifically pieces of content that have either been moved or do not exist any more therefore the link is now “broken”. We then develop content that provides the same amount of value or better for a reader and ask the webmaster to change their “broken” link to point towards the new piece content. Voila!

Site Error Assistance

This is a favourite of mine and can cover a wide range of approaches. Without going into too much jargon, many websites that are developed on common platforms share certain coding characteristics that are easily identified. The same is true when these websites have small common errors such as javascript or .php errors. This process involves finding these websites within your niche that have these common errors then contacting the webmaster and letting them know how they can fix it. He/she is often only too happy to give you a link back to say thanks for the help, plus you’ve made a new buddy in the process!

Ego Bait

Often seen as one of the more cunning inbound marketing techniques (but also the most effective!), ego bait is basically purposely massaging someone’s ego in the hope that they will place a link back to your site. Common ego bait methods include requesting an interview with someone for your blog, asking several “authority figures” in your industry for their opinion on something or sometimes just plain good old fashioned sucking up!

Although these are the link building methods that I feel are the best suitable for most of my clients, there are many other forms of link building and inbound marketing techniques that are only bound by the purse strings of the marketing budget. Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos official website for example has over 25,000 links with a page authority of 82 out of a possible 100 and the video on Youtube has received over 33 million views!

Whether you’re ready to skydive from the edge of the Earth’s stratosphere or simply want to invest in building quality authoritative future proof links for your website, contact us now for a free consultation.


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