Online marketing benefits for SMBs

Take a look at some of our Services and discover how an online marketing strategy can benefit your business.

Google Places (Local Search Marketing)

Google-Plus-BannerGoogle Places is actually a free service offered by Google to give all business owners the opportunity to get their business visible online. If well optimised these listings can appear above the organic listings.

Any business that sells it’s products or services in it’s own local area will benefit from having a well optimised Google Places page. A Google Places page makes it a lot easier for people to find your business online. A well optimised G.P. page can appear even above the organic or “unpaid” listings. An optimised Gooogle Places listing can be extremely beneficial in helping prospective customers find your business online. They can see in an instant your address, contact details, customer reviews, opening hours and directions to your business premises.

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation:

seo-banner1SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving or optimising a website in order to help it rank higher in the search engines.

One of the biggest myths associated with the internet today is “If you build it, they will come”. Building your business website is a complete waste of time and money unless it is created with it’s targeted audience in mind. All too often this is the case and many websites require quite substantial alteration (both on and off site) in order to become competitive for the keyword terms relative to their business. Ranking well for your targetted keywords will bring more traffic to your business website and ultimately more customers.

Social Media Marketing:

Social_Media_BannerSocial Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining attention or publicity through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. It often involves giving something away to local followers in the hope it is liked or shared to gain exposure for the business.

Social media marketing can also be very beneficial to many business owners if utilised correctly. With Facebook now topping 800 million active users the marketing opportunities are endless. Paid advertising can target very specific demographics and local business fan pages can reach a very wide local audience at little or no expense. Business owners who are pro-active and give away things to their fans can get a lot of exposure and publicity for very little outlay.

Pay Per Click (P.P.C.):

google-adwords-guidePay per click advertising involves paying a website owner or search engine for each click they receive on their advert or link. This can be effective driving traffic but can also be very costly.

This form of advertising can be beneficial in bringing lots of traffic to your site without having to wait for SEO strategies to become effective. Another advantage of this form of marketing is a business owner can target very specific demographics with their ad campaign, especially with Facebook Ads.

Web Design Donegal & Conversion Rate Optimisation (C.R.O.):

responsive01Websites have become an integral part of many SMB owner’s arsenal these days. Many are savvy enough to realise that it is also very important to maintain and optimise this website for SEO purposes and bring the maximum amount of traffic to it. This is where conversion rate optimisation comes in.

C.R.O. is the process of creating an experience for a website visitor with the aim of increasing the percentage of visitors that actually convert into customers.

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but converting these prospects into clients is another. C.R.O. involves ensuring a business website is engaging and inviting enough for visitors so that the percentage of visitors that become actual customers is maximised. We achieve this by closely monitoring analytics figures which give us a very clear understanding of user behaviour on site and we can determine from this data which areas of the site might need tweaking to improve the users experience.

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