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With so many social media channels to choose from, and latest hot trends changing seemingly every day, it can be a daunting task for many local business owners just to keep pace with it all. Social media can be a fantastic way to create brand awareness, generate publicity and also engage with your current client base to improve your overall customer service.

Like many things, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to social media. With so many social media channels to choose from and the emergence of big up and coming platforms such as Pinterest and Google+ it’s not easy to choose which outlet fits best for your business and the target market you are trying to engage with. 

Here at Local SEO Ireland, we help business owners understand the options that are available to them within each social media platform then determine which one is best suited to their needs.

But I Already Have A Social Media Page!
For businesses already with a social media presence but who would like to run a promotional campaign, we can help you too. Local SEO Ireland have agency level Facebook apps for running proper social marketing campaigns such as “Like and Share” competitions, surveys, raffles, event planning, collecting R.S.V.P.
s, form submissions and many more. What is different about running a campaign using these apps is that a business can set up a gateway so that the user is required to perform a certain action before they are entered into a competition or promotion. Some examples of gateway requests would be:

social Media ireland

  • “Liking” a page
  • “Sharing” a page
  • Entering some personal details such as phone number or email address (These are stored for use later)
  • Answer questions on a survey
  • R.S.V.P. to an event invitation
  • Share a link on Twitter
  • Cast a vote

The possibilities with these Facebook marketing apps are absolutely endless and when coupled with a good demographic targeting strategy, can be great for building brand awareness, increasing your followers and giving something back to your loyal customers.

If you would like some advice about the social media side of your business, contact us now for a free no obligation consultation.

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