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Google+ Local Takes Over From Google Places

Posted by Sean P. Fullerton in Blog, Local SEO. 1 Comment

5th June

The world of local search has been buzzing the last few days with the arrival of Google+ Local on Thursday morning. It has been long anticipated that Google+ would at some stage at least amalgamate with it’s big brother Google Places. This latest development however, shows that Google+ Local is to be an entity in it’s own right and moreover, intends to lock horns with Facebook fan pages in the battle for social supremacy.

Business owners all over the country are sighing in disbelief at the thought of having to get to grips with yet another “must have” social platform. It’s only understandable that busy local business owners are at least a little frustrated at trying to keep up to date with everything that’s happening online these days. They’re getting it from all angles about local search marketing, google places, … Read More »

Local SEO – Still not convinced about internet marketing?

Posted by Sean P. Fullerton in Blog. 1 Comment

17th May

Are you still sitting on the fence waiting on someone to drag you into the world of online marketing? Have you dipped your toes in? Maybe you have a half-ass website which no-one can find, a Facebook fan page that is still wishing everyone Happy New Year or a Google Places page which hasn’t been claimed? Apologies for all the wild generalisations but these are cases that we come across all too often, especially here in rural Ireland (generalisation no.4!). I believe it is actually counter-productive to start trying to market your business online unless you have a clear understanding of what is involved and are at least someway committed to persevering with it to achieve an end goal or target.

As my dear mother often reminds us “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right” (I think the more common … Read More »

Google Places Business Photos Introduced in Ireland

Posted by Sean P. Fullerton in Blog. 1 Comment

1st May

Google today announced that they have rolled out their very successful “Step Inside” business photo program for local business owners here in Ireland. This is excellent news for many business owners and is perfect for anyone who would like to showcase their business premises online. Take a look at this short video of how a toy store in America has capitalised on this excellent opportunity.

[Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]

(Video Courtesy of Google)

How does it work?

Google has a list of “Trusted Photographers” who have completed a specific training course provided by Google. The business owner finds the nearest trusted photographer from this list and contacts them to arrange a photo-shoot. The photographer then takes snaps of your business … Read More »

On Site SEO Tips

Posted by Sean P. Fullerton in Blog, SEO Guide. No Comments

19th April

9 Important On site SEO tips

Are you in the process of building a new website? Have you already got a website but are wondering why it isn’t ranking for even low competition keyword phrases? Here are nine very important on site SEO factors that every website owner should be aware of.

1. Canonicalisation / Well-structured Urls / .htaccess 
Try to structure your site in a way that is easy to follow and create subfolders for large category items. Also make sure your urls are easily read and have a set structure, preferably one without ampersands and using full hyphenated words as the url e.g , (Good post by the way!). This not only helps the spiders to know what the page is about but it also helps the user and is a lot easier to remember.

It’s  very important that your site redirects … Read More »

What attracts people’s attention when presented with Google Places local search results?

Posted by Sean P. Fullerton in Blog. 1 Comment

4th April

What attracts people’s attention when presented with Google Places local search results?

I stumbled across an excellent post by SEOMoz who were given the opportunity by Mirametrix to use their state of the art eye-tracking technology to study how and where users’ eyes are drawn to on typical search result pages.  This technology follows the user’s eyes and creates an image similar to a heat map of the areas on the page where the user’s eyes are focused on most. 

They used a couple of variations of a typical search query for pizza (with location settings enabled on their browser) which bring up both blended and “pure” local results. 

Let’s take a look at how they got on…

Example 1: Blended Results
The “blended” local results. This query (best pizza in Chicago) returns a complete list of “blended” search results. This is a very common SERP … Read More »

Google Places SEO – Google Places Ranking Factors

Posted by Sean P. Fullerton in Blog, Local SEO. 2 comments

26th March

We’re all pretty familiar with the Google Places results we receive when we enter a local search query but who or what decides which business deserves the right to get the highly sought after “A” position? Well the answer is simple (and obvious)…Google!

There are however many factors that we know about which help influence Google’s decision…

Places page 100% complete
This may seem a pretty obvious factor and it is, but it is one that we all too often see over-looked. Each area of your Google Places page should be completed in full to provide the user with as much information as possible. This helps the CTR (click through rate) and also shows Google that you have put a bit of effort into it.

Take the time to get ten professional pictures of your business premises or staff and if you … Read More »

Happy birthday Google Maps!

Posted by Sean P. Fullerton in Blog. 1 Comment

23rd March

Well I think it’s only fair to take a few minutes to wish our old buddy Google Maps a (belated!) very happy 7th birthday today. Considering she has helped me out of many an otherwise panic-stricken situation she and everyone involved with her deserved their celebration.

Google Maps has become an integral part of a lot of our daily lives, in one form or another. I only recently had her to thank for getting me safely to a wedding in Sligo while the purpose-build satellite navigation gadget we had in the car didn’t know where we were! I’ve had her to thank countless times in Australia whilst on my travels, with the “Places” app on my phone I was never lost.

Let’s take a look at the history of Google Maps since it’s inception way back in 2005…….

In 2004  Google … Read More »

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Google+ Local Takes Over From Google Places

The world of local search has been buzzing the last few days with the arrival of Google+ Local on Thursday morning. It has been...